Who is Benjamin?

Benjamin had a happy, magical life. He was the first child in his family, born June 5, 2002 at Kipling, Saskatchewan. Benjamin, his Mom and Dad lived on a farm with Grandpa and Grandma.

Benjamin was an excellent farm boy. He helped Grandpa and liked to go for rides in the tractor. He loved animals and had many dog and cat special friends.

He also really liked hanging out at his family's earth moving construction company. He was operating a bobcat by age 4, a mini trackhoe by age 5, and all kinds of other equipment as he got older.

Benjamin had a close group of friends, and was a class clown. He played and listened to music. He loved hockey - playing it and watching the Phoenix Coyotes (they're the Arizona Coyotes now - go Coyotes!). He quadded and snowmobiled, and operated remote control aircraft with Dad. He liked to draw and play video games. Of course, there was music through all of Benjamin's life. He loved piano, and tried out many other instruments like the guitar, a toy accordion and a tin flute that his auntie brought him from Ireland.

But most of all, he loved his family. Brother Lane was born 3 years after Benjamin. Hazel came along 2 1/2 years after that, and Emerson was born Christmas day 2012.

It felt like every day was a special day in Benjamin's life. Whatever he did, he really did. And his days were just packed with adventure and fun. He was loved so very, very much. We miss him every day.