Thanks Kayla!

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It was Paint Nite in Saskatoon on Monday – hosted and organized by my beautiful niece, Kayla. Three dozen of us got together on a winter’s night to learn how to paint a beautiful winter scene.

Kayla is Benjamin’s cousin. Despite quite an age difference (she was 12 years older than him) and quite a distance between their homes, they had a really special bond. From the time he was a wee thing, Benjamin always referred to her as his ‘best friend Kayla.’

Kayla decided she wanted to do a fundraiser for Benjamin’s Gift of Music, and she put this event together herself. Thank you so much, my sweetheart!

And thank you so much to everyone who came out and made this a really fun event! We raised another $540 for Benjamin’s Gift of Music!

If you haven’t had a chance to participate yet, you can find details on how to donate on the How you can help page.

Next event – bake sale in Regina!

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