Feel warm inside and out!

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Family friend Debi made this beautiful quilt and donated it to Benjamin’s Gift of Music. Debi, you’re so very generous, and we’re so very thankful to you!

Make it yours through this online silent auction

If you’d like to own this beautiful thing, and help a great cause, here’s your chance. We’re auctioning it off via this blog. You can make your bid by leaving a reply below. The auction is open until noon, December 21, 2017. The highest bidder at that time gets this beauty in time for Christmas.

Let’s turn Debi’s beautiful gift into a symphony of music for sick and injured kids!

The gorgeous details

Debi worked a music theme into the quilt – in the centre of each square as well as along the border. She also worked a lot of orange, Benjamin’s favourite colour, in. The quilt measures 50.5 inches x 72 inches. The perfect size to wrap up in on a cool winter night while you remember your gift to kids at Saskatchewan’s new children’s hospital and feel all warm inside!

If you’d like to see the quilt in person, I’ll make arrangements to show it to you – if you’re anywhere near me or somewhere I plan to be in the next month. If you have questions, I’m happy to help. You can reach me via email.

More photos

The photos below show a close up of an individual square, the backing and Debi’s quilting company insignia. Debi’s company is called BurlMax Quilts, and she likes to do quilts to donate to causes. She also does smaller versions for cats and dogs.

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  1. There was some last minute activity on December 21st outside the blog. Lane Cross made a bid, but in the end, Penny McCune is the lucky owner of the beautiful quilt, at a final bid of $1,000. Thank you so much Penny, Debi and everyone else who was part of this very special fundraiser!

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