Benjamin's music

Music was a part of Benjamin's life from the time he was a baby. He heard his Mom sing and play, sometimes her own compositions. He loved Dwight Yoakum because his Dad does. Grandma was a piano teacher and played music for him. Grandpa Lane played lots of country classics for him. Grandpa Elgin danced with him. There was a soundtrack to a lot of Benjamin's life.

Not too surprising that Benjamin loved music - listening to it, dancing to it, playing it (usually really fast and really loud) and composing it.

Benjamin began piano lessons at age 4. He was in the Music for Young Children program that also teaches a bit about composing music. Benjamin's first composition was Tyranosaurus Breakfast and he received an honourable mention for it in the International Composition Festival that the MYC program holds. He was 5. When he was 6, he composed End of Winter, which he played in the Kipling music festival, getting a mark of 90 and winning the original composition award and the most promising student, 8 years and under, award. He won numerous other awards at the Kipling music festival over the years. His last composition was Cheetahs, which he played at the Kipling music festival in 2013, when he was 10. The adjudicator gave him a mark of 88, and he won the original composition award again. The adjudicator said, "Creativity is a wonderful gift and you have shared that gift with all of us. Well done."

Cheetahs - Benjamin's last original (and award-winning) composition