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Over the past 3 years, a lot of people have put a lot of time, labour and love into raising money for Benjamin’s Gift of Music, and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you. But I’m going to make a little confession. This group may be my favourite.

Shortly after Benjamin died, his class decided they wanted to do something in his memory. They’ve committed to raising money to support a charitable cause every year until they graduate Grade 12. This year, they asked if they can support Benjamin’s Gift of Music, and they want to make this their charity from now until they graduate. My eyes leak just writing this.

Benjamin so enjoyed these kids. His old auntie (me) heard a lot of stories about them. Even though they live a couple of hours away from me, I know a lot of their names and I’ve met several. For me and the rest of Benjamin’s family, these kids feel like a connection to the one we miss so much.

Today I got an email saying the kids have raised $1,500 to give to Benjamin’s Gift of Music this year! You guys are so awesome!

The picture shows most of the class after their first bottle drive 2 years ago. Well, most of the class, and 2 little ones who crashed the party – Hazel and Emerson, Benjamin’s little sister and brother, are the cutie pies in the middle. The kids are in front of Aslan, a sculpture that is now installed next to the school that Benjamin attended. Aslan represents bravery, and he’s there to honour a really brave boy.

Thank you so much, kids, for the work you’ve done to make such a generous donation, and for keeping Benjamin’s memory in the here and now. It means a lot.

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